Brake and Clutch Repair

Brake and Clutch Repair

Car Mechanic Adelaide has got you covered with Brake and Clutch repair services in Adelaide which are successfully performed by car brake specialists after a complete diagnosis including all the responsible factors. Safety is undoubtedly the first and foremost criteria which we seek whenever we step out for a drive, for which it is very important that your brakes and clutches are always in a good condition. Our team is all prepared for providing car brakes service and repair of all make and models, as per all leading automobile brands in Australia.  Our auto car mechanic has the finest set of equipment in doing the services. From toolboxes to the latest machinery, everything is genuine and best in class. 

Car brake service:

Brakes are crucial and something you cannot afford to miss out on checking before going out for a drive. From controlling speed to maintaining the motion of the car, both front and rear brakes are required for a safe and smooth drive. For its service, there is a need for the best repair services that can do adequate repairing for resolving all your brakes issues. We, at Car Mechanic Adelaide,  have the best brake repair and replacement service for all the leading brands. Below are our services, which we provide under our brakes service and replacement section. 

  • Checking the wheel bearings and fine-tuning 
  • Cleaning the disc rotors
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Analysing brake calipers and service of the slides.
  • Analysis and filling the brake fuel.
  • Testing the vehicle after doing the service.


Car Clutch service:

A smooth and safe ride is not possible if your clutches are not working properly, which is directly associated with gears. As per today’s modern cars, there are two types of clutches which are widely seen in cars which are automatic and normal, respectively. Below are some signs which show the need to repair the clutch system of your car. 

  • Application of more than normal energy while applying clutch. 
  • Car not running smoothly while the gears change. 
  • Unusual sound while changing the gear 
  • Clutch getting slipped during a gear change.
  • The transmission is emitting noise when at neutral.
  • Cars are getting shaken unusually. 

A poor-performing clutch will not only harm the transmission but can be dangerous for everyone. With Car Mechanic Adelaide, your car will get expert servicing which will repair any defect in your transmission. An excellent team of mechanics with updated types of equipment will be there at your service whenever you get your car at our workshop. The proficiency of our team allows us to perform repair to replacement services whichever is more appropriate in your car. 

  • Clutch cover,
  • Clutch plate
  • Flywheel
  • Pressure plate
  • Diaphragm spring
  • Thrust bearing

Get help with your Car Brake and Clutch from Car Mechanic Adelaide

If you have come across any brake or clutch issue in your car, then there is no point of delay as what you might consider a minor issue can be a big factor towards uncertainty or mishappening which no one wants to experience. Get your cars the perfect care with us as we have got the experience and skills to handle your car issues. To ensure transparency with our workmanship, we will give our prime focus in repairing your car rather than suggesting the replacement of parts leading to a long and costly bill. Our prices are cost-effective and competitive but service quality is surely above everyone, making us one of the best automotive repair shops in Adelaide.

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