Car Steering & Suspension

Car Steering & Suspension

We all want to have a smooth and comfortable experience whenever we step out for a drive. Don’t we? For your car, steering and suspension are one of the most critical aspects which help in keeping your car in a firm position and avoiding unfortunate accidents. It becomes necessary, especially for the driver, to keep all the four tyres in a fine position on the road which leads to stability, handling and safety. Car suspension and isolation have a unique role to play as car suspension is responsible for road isolation, cornering, and handling, whereas Steering helps in maintaining appropriate response from all tyres at the time of tyres ensuring effective control and handling. You cannot take a chance if you are not 100% satisfied with performing your steering and suspension, therefore, below are some signs which show that there is a solid need to repair or look after the steering and suspension.

  • Car getting pulled to one side while driving.
  • Experiencing clunking and thumping noise while driving over bumps.
  • Steering does not feel as direct as earlier. 
  • Bounce while going over bumps
  • Experiencing unusual vibrations  from the steering wheel 
  • Uneven Tyre Wear
  • Leaking Shocks

Our Steering & Suspension Services:

Every car is different and so will be our services, therefore, we do a full inspection of your car after a full diagnosis which covers all the aspects. Even if there are any other issues which haven’t been identified by you but can create problems in the coming future, our technicians will recommend you with the best car steering repairs for restoring its smoother ride, improved control, effective stability and better braking. 

We carry a wide range of experience and equipment that ensures your car’s suspension and steering in top condition. From repairs to replacement, you will find every solution which can get your car back on the road. If you are even facing a minor concern,  you will get our full attention in doing work with perfection.  Car Mechanic Adelaide will do the detailed inspection through

  • Checking the suspension under load.
  • Checking steering arms.
  • Checking connecting components.
  • Checking  shock absorber
  • Checking suspension bushes for wear and deterioration.
  • Checking the steering box or rack & pinion.

Restore perfect control of your vehicle with our Car steering and Repair services

We are more than just a car repair shop as we focus on giving a complete package of solutions for your car.  From traditional to modern, we have fully equipped equipment in our workshop for performing highly specialised tasks in a hassle-free manner with attention to detail. Our prices are cost-effective with high attention to achieving quality standards. For maintaining transparency with our services, we provide a detailed statement and invoices for our work along with the respective costs which let you prioritise as per your requirements. Below are some of the car steering and repair services provided by us for cars of all makes and models.

  • Steering wheel repair
  • Shock absorber replacement,
  • Car steering alignment
  • Auto suspension repair,
  • Car suspension repair,
  • Steering wheel repair shocks
  • Car shocker repairing

Being proficient in providing car repair and service of all makes and models seen running on Australian roads, our work is trusted by one and all.  You can witness quick check-up to complex all-around service done by our experts with complete dedication and sincerity. Our car steering and suspension services are included with all the necessary assessments which lead to a smooth and safe journey with proper control and stability.  If you are seeking top-quality assistance, something which makes you believe that you paid your money in the right direction. Come to Car Mechanic Adelaide for getting the best service, call now!

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